It all started with one church with a mission to plant



We have a vision to plant churches that work with their communities. In our training and coaching we ask these questions: What will be the STORY of this church in decades to come? What would God want for this church to do in this community to meet the real felt needs of the people there? W

Our hope is that we don't just become a network of churches that start services IN a community. Our hope is that we don't just become a network of churches that give TO their community. Our hope IS to become a network of churches that WORK WITH their communities!

The story of is just one of those stories.

Lumber City Church opened its doors in 2012. They got involved in sending help to needy and broken people and places right away. Only 3 months after they opened their doors to their community, they were filling truckloads of supplies and sending a team of 16 people to help with disaster relief to Long Island where they were recovering from Hurricane Sandy. Since then, they've sent a full time missionary to India, and a full time regional coordinator to Stop Hunger Now. They support around 30 children per month through Feed One, a branch of Convoy of Hope that feeds children daily in some of the poorest places on earth.

They also supplied groceries and gifts for dozens of families through a Christmas outreach. One year, they asked for help from the school district. The school district sent hundreds of invitations out. The church partnered with 3 other local churches and their combined efforts resulted in almost 100 families getting 3 bags of groceries and a gift for every child in their family DELIVERED to their home on the week of Christmas. That led to the school district asking: "What else could we do together?" The result of that is a combined effort of churches, schools and civic organizations working together with incredible alignment to meet not just the needs of people in their city at Christmastime, but YEAR ROUND. That's where came from. Now school counsellors and social workers can call upon the churches to help any need that arises within the lives of the people they serve! Anything from a hat, to shoes to school supplies to entire rooms full of furniture have been provided through these efforts!

All because God planted a church that was willing to take up the cause of His Story. 

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We've only been around for a short while but God has been doing amazing works through the church planting efforts we've made. One single anchor church has now planted two churches in 4 years. One of those churches has gone on to plant another already! Church planting and revitalization is in our DNA. Here are some of our stories
There are now three more churches in Western New York, all working together to saturate our region with life giving, gospel centered churches!